Sunday, August 12, 2007

Extremely High Temps!

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I think it is easy to say that the big topic over the past week has been this terrible heat. For the last 7 days or so, the heat have been hovering around 100 degrees. Then with the heat index the scales have tipped up to 112 to 117 degrees! has been a scorcher! It has been so miserable, that when you walk outside you glasses fog up for about 3 minutes. You can't see a darn thing! Another thing that makes it feel so bad is the humidity mixed with the heat. When you are outside, it is actually hard to breathe because of so much moisture in the air. It almost feel like you are suffocating in way. Southeastern NC has been breaking all kinds of records these past few days. One record stood for 128 years before it was broken a few days ago.
I tried to go out surfing in the middle of the week around 6pm and it was still unbearably hot. The sun and the heat would just cut right through you. The ocean did not even feel refreshing to me. The water temps are hovering around 84 or 85 degrees. Basically, it feels like a very warm bath. Since we are in desparate need of rain, the salt content in the ocean is very high. Just getting a slight amount in your eyes burned a lot. So, with the heat being so high, the warmth of the ocean, and the extreme salt content....... it was best to probably just sit in the house. But then again......that was not even comforting in most cases. Since it was so hot outside, the air conditioners could not even keep up with the demand. My wife and I have brand new A/C units, the coolest my house would get was in the upper 80's IN the house. Finally at night it would cool off just in time to go to bed. There were many of our vacation rental homes that had A/C issues due to them freezing up. This happens when it is really hot outside, and you turn the A/C down to low. The condensation sweats so much that it begins to freeze up on the unit and therefore the entire unit freezes up.....literally. Now, you have to wait for the ice to melt while the A/C is off. Then, while the ice is melting the temps in the house climbs.

** Rememeber this: As a rule of matter how hot it is, the A/C can only cool within 15 degress or so of what it is outside. Example: If the temp outside is 102 degrees, the coolest your house will likely get will be around 87 degrees. Please just bear with it and do not crank the A/C down further. If you do, the A/C will be fully out of commission for hours.

Please remeber these tips during these summer months:
NEVER leave children or pets alone in closed vehicles.
Slow down, avoid strenuous activity.
Avoid too much sun.
Plan outdoor games and activities for early morning or evening.
Avoid extreme temperature changes.
Stay indoors as much as possible; use fans or air conditioners to cool the air. Wear loose-fitting, lightweight, light-colored clothing that will cover as much skin as possible.
Protect face and head by wearing a wide brimmed hat.
Drink plenty of fluids, even if you do not feel thirsty, and avoid alcoholic beverages.

Thanks and hopefully things will cool off even more. If we can cool off down to 90 degrees, then that would be heaven!

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