Friday, March 14, 2008

New Website Features

I know....I know. I have been really slack lately about updating this blog. It is honestly hard to find the time to do it at work. I have been thinking about some of the changes we have been making to our vacation rental site this year.

Let me first begin by saying that we have added a new webcam to our office that overlooks the wonderful and beautiful Atlantic Ocean. We have had tremendous success and such a positive response, that it has been one of the biggest highlights of our site. Our camera is run by which is pretty much the largest webcam site in the world. You can see pretty much any large city you want....and that includes the huge town of Holden Beach, NC. So if you have time, stroll on over to and take a look at some really cool places.

Some of the other changes we have made in the past year or so has been the addition of a bed linen program that is offered to about 75% or more of our rental homes. The first summer we tried to make it work was in 2007 and was extremely poplular. Now more and more homeowner's have signed onto the program for 2008. We hope to keep increasing the numbers of these properties that offer bed linens to make your rental properties more comfortable and enjoyable.

Another great feature that homeowner's have jumped on, is the offering of High-Speed internet. Due to the changing of times, more and more people are working while on vacation. This is also making certain homes more poplular for rentals. So if you need to check back in at home or at work, you might want to get a home that offers high-speed internet.

Where is Uncle Bruce and Aunt Maila going to sleep? Well.....that answer will get a little easier this year as we add floor plans to homes for this 2008 season. As of now (March 2008) we have about twenty-five homes that now have their floor plans on our site. We will keep adding a few more as the weeks go on. Due to the large amount of time it takes to do these, we will add more as time allows us to. You can find these floor plans on the property description page.

One last feature that we have been working on for a few months is the new search engine on our rentals page. The new search options should be on our webpage in the next few days. You will soon be able to search by price range and by certain amenities. Please be mindful that the more amenities you search by, the harder it will be for the system to find you a home. So it is best to only choose one or two amenities that are most important to you.

With the early Easter we will be having this year, we expect things to slowly increase in the rentals as the year goes on. We hope that with the gas prices and slowing economy everyone will still take their hard earned vacations as they have in years past. While you are here, please dont forget to get those rental bikes, kayaks, grills etc. Hope to see you soon.....because the warm weather is already here! It was 72 degrees today!